Blogmas Day 11: Winter School Essentials

Hiya guys, Paige here. Today I am doing another essentials post for blogmas. This one is winter school essentials, most of these I have all year but I especially like to have them in winter.

1) Headphones

I have these all year round anyway and there isn’t really a reason why I would need them any more in winter. I have these for when I’m on the bus or if I’m walking on my own.

2) Bobbles and Bobby Pins

If I am am wearing my hair down in winter and the weather is bad, it is likely that it will go frizzy so I need to have bobbles and hair pins for if its really bad. I normally have a regular bobble on my wrist which I use if I want to keep it up all day but if I have dance or PE and need to tie it up I use the bumpy one in the picture as it dints my hair less.

3) Hand Gel

Again I normally have this all year round but in winter it is definitely essential I don’t really want another cold. I have one that smells of strawberry laces which beats the smell of normal hand gel.

4) Lip Balm

I think I might have included this in at least two winter essential posts already but its also an essential for school in winter. In my bag I have the Jack Wills one and it is the rose scented one.

First Impression Review:

On the 11th I opened the 11th door on the Mad Beauty, Beauty and the Beast advent calendar. In this door was a rose scented shower gel. I don’t really like the smell of rose, but as with the hand cream this isn’t too strong and actually smells quite nice.


Also the packaging is really cute and the colour of the shower gel is pretty.

Thank you for reading, I hope this post was helpful.

Bye for now,
Paige x