Blogmas Day 2: Winter Hairstyles

Hiya guys, Paige here. Welcome to day two of blogmas. First of all I’d like to thank you for the the support on the last post, I know it may not seem a lot to some people but I didn’t really expect anything after months of not posting. In this post I am going to be sharing a couple of my favourite hairstyles I wear in winter when the weather is bad. I have curly hair that likes to go frizzy in rain and wind and means I am limited to what styles I can do. These hairstyles are well known but I’m just going to share how I create them with my hair.

French/Dutch Braids:

There is a few ways you can do these to create different styles. One way of the doing them, which is probably the most common, is to part your hair down the middle and french braid each side starting from the top of your head. These can also be done as Dutch braids meaning the braids are ‘inside out’. Another way of doing this is by again centre parting your hair and section of a small amount at the front of your head. Then french braid the front part back into a ponytail or messy bun. This style can also be done as dutch braids or as only one braid.

Messy Bun:

This hairstyle matches so well with jumpers and is so easy to do. There is a lot of ways to do it but some work better than others depending on your hair type. The way I normally use is to put my hair on top of my head, as if in a ponytail and then, when putting the bobble in, only half pull it through each time. Then I pin down any bits I don’t like and pull out the shorter hair around my face. This way is probably the easiest but the messiest, so a neater way to do it is put it in a ponytail and wrap your hair around. Then pin that hair down and make it looser.

Hopefully this post helped you in some way or gave you some ideas on what to do with your hair when the weather gets bad.

First Impression Review:

On the 2nd of December I opened the 2nd door on my Tanya Burr advent calendar (I have two and am opening the right number but alternating calendar. In number 2 was a Tanya Burr lip gloss in the shade Cranberry Melt.


This colour is a very christmassy colour and is very bright. For me this isn’t a shade I would normally wear as I am quite pale but I actually like the colour. The size of the lip gloss is good as it is from an advent calendar. The initial colour of the lip gloss is very bright however when I took some of I was left with a nice colour that suited me better so I think I will be able to get some use out of it around Christmas.

Thank you for reading,

Bye for now,
Paige x