Summer Outfit Ideas

Hi guys, Paige here. Today I decided to share with you some summery outfits that I like to wear. Some of these were also in my summer clothing haul so you may have seen them before. I am going to try to include where they were all from and the prices of as many I can remember.

Outfit Number One


For this outfit I wore my bright orange t-shirt and my dark denim shorts. The top is from River Island but I think its from the kids section. I also got this a while ago so I don’t know if they will still do it. My black shorts are from H&M and were £12.99. This outfit is really summery as obviously I am wearing shorts and the top is a bright summery colour.

Outfit Number Two


For this outfit, which I am wearing as I write this, I wore the same shorts as the last but in a light blue and my Vamps Night and Day Tour t-shirt. It looks weird in the picture but I tucked my t-shirts in because it is too big on me. I live in this t-shirt and my Diversity Genesis Tour t-shirt and tuck them into jeans as well. My shorts were from H&M and were £12.99 and my t-shirt was obviously from the concert and was £20. I think you can order these from their website though.

Outfit Number Three


My next outfit was the same black shorts from before with a pink velvet top. This outfit is really summery and the colours go well together. They are both from H&M but I can’t remember how much the top was. I got it at the end of last year so I’m not sure if they will still do it.

Outfit Number Four


My next outfit was again my black shorts but with a bright yellow t-shirt. I got this t-shirt from H&M as well and got the same in burgundy. I got this a while ago and I can’t remember the price but I have seen them in the past few months so I think they still do them. This outfit is really bright and is good for summer.

Outfit Number Five


This outfit was in my summer clothing haul but I really like it. I never really wear skirts and this is the first denim skirt I have bought. I wear it with a t-shirt tucked into it so it is more casual. My black denim skirt is from H&M and was £15 and my Wildcats t-shirt was £12 I think from Miss Selfridges. I would usually wear this with my pink suede Nikes as I think they look cute with skirts and dresses.

Outfit Number Six/Seven


These last two outfits were also in my summer clothing haul but I thought I’d include them as well. The t-shirts and shorts in these outfits are exactly the same, just the colours are different. Both outfits are really summery colours and I really like the cut of the tops. The tops were 2 for £12 from River Island and the shorts are my H&M ones.

Thank you for reading, hopefully you was able to get some inspiration from my outfits in this post. If you want to see more of these or ones in the future for different seasons, please let me know as I enjoy writing them.

Bye for now,
Paige x


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Summer Clothing Haul

Hi guys, Paige here. Welcome back to my blog. Today I thought I’d share with you some summery clothes I have bought recently. I am also going to be doing a summer outfits idea post soon which will also include some of these items. If you want to see when that post is up, I will be posting it on my Instagram which is mylifemadepretty. I will try to include where I got all of these from as well as the price if I can remember them.

Wildcats Shirt and Black Denim Skirt

The first outfit I made out of the items I bought was my black denim skirt and my wildcats t-shirt. I tucked my t-shirt into the skirt because I found this looked better as the top is quite loose fitting and slightly cropped. I also like this top with high waisted jeans. I don’t tend to wear skirts but I liked that this one was quite casual and that it was also dark. The skirts was from H&M and was £15. The t-shirt was from Miss Selfridges and I think it was £12.


Yellow Top and Black Denim Shorts

The next outfit I chose was my black denim shorts and my yellow top. Recently I have bought a lot more coloured tops than I usually would do. I like the cut of this top as it fits nicely. I put this with darker shorts so that the outfit wasn’t to bright but I think it would also look nice with high waisted jeans. The top was from River Island and was £12 for 2 I think and the shorts were from H&M and were £12.99.


Pink Top and Blue Denim Shorts

The final outfit I bought is the same as the last one, just different colours. I have the same top but in baby pink and the same shorts but in a light blue. Again the top was from River Island and was £12 for 2 and the shorts were £12.99 from H&M. I like the colour combination in this outfit and how summery the outfit looks.


Thank you for the reading this post, sorry that it is quite short. Hopefully you enjoyed it as I know I enjoy reading these types of post.

Bye for now,
Paige x


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Blogmas Day 1: Winter Outfits

Hiya guys, Paige here. It’s been a while since I posted but I am going to try and do blogmas again. I did it last year and ended up missing out half of the days so hopefully this year goes better. Normally I’d start on December 1st and post until the 24th but so that I have more time, I’m going to post from the 2nd to the 25th this year so that the post is from the previous day, if that makes sense. I am going to write a normal post and then at the end of some do a first impression of a product from my advent calendar which I posted on my instagram (@ mylifemadepretty).

Favourite Winter Outfits:

Outfit number 1:

DSC_0764 cropped

For me any jumper with a pair of jeans is more than likely my favourite outfit. I practically live in just jumpers and jeans. With this outfit I’d normally wear my Doc Martins or Suede Nikes, which are a similar colour to the jumper, depending on the weather. I’d normally wear this with a messy bun or ponytail and really natural make-up. The ripped jeans are from H&M and the jumper from Primark.

Outfit number 2:

DSC_0766 cropped

This next outfit consists of the same ripped jeans as the previous one and a top that my friend picked for me while we were shopping. The top is a velvet like material with the words young and fearless printed on it. Again I like to wear this outfit with my Nikes as they match with the colour of my top. As it is cold in winter I would normally wear this with my bomber jacket or just a normal coat. The top is also from H&M like the jeans are.

Outfit number 3:

DSC_0771 cropped

This next outfit can be worn in a couple of ways, eg. with a denim jacket, a bomber jacket or as the next picture shows. This outfit pretty much goes with every pair of shoes but I normally wear it with my Doc Martins. The body suit goes with most pairs of jeans and any jacket. The body suit is from the kids section in River Island, the jeans again are from H&M and the shirt in the following picture is by Blonde + Blonde and I think was from Bank.

DSC_0774 cropped

These are the main style of outfits I like to wear in winter and I just change the tops/jumpers I wear with them. Hopefully you got some ideas from what I like to wear.

First Impression Review:

On the 1st I opened the first door in the Mad Beauty, Beauty and the Beast Advent Calendar. This contained a vanilla scented lip balm. 20171202_114626.jpg

It smells really nice and the packaging looks really nice. I have really dry lips and so I am always using lip balm. I have used it a few times now and it actually works really well. Obviously it is only a first impression but so far I am impressed with it.

Thank you for reading,

Bye for now,
Paige x