Instagram Followers Control My Life For A Day

Hi guys, Paige here. So for today I decided to remake a post that I have seen floating around on youtube for the past few weeks. As you can see from the title, this is going to be my Instagram followers control my life for a day. If you haven’t seen any of these posts before, basically, using Instagram stories, you put up polls asking your followers which you should do for a day; for example how should I style my hair, which outfit should I wear, etc. Then you base what you do for the day of which option has the majority of votes. I’m not sure how well this will work as a blog post and not a video but please let me know if you want to see anymore and follow my Instagram (mylifemadepretty) to see future polls on my story. Also if you missed these polls, they are saved onto my account, but the results after 24 hours may be different to the results I put in this post.

Poll Number One:

For the first poll, I decided to ask my followers what I should do with my hair. I made the options straight or a messy bun. I wasn’t really too bothered on which I had to do for this one as like both of them. I left the poll until I had finished doing my make-up and then checked it. The results on this one were pretty close but straight won so I straightened my hair before I went out. After the end of the twenty four hours, the votes for straight were a lot higher.


Poll Number Two:

Whilst I was doing my hair, I added another poll to my story which was should I wear lipstick or not. In the picture was a nude MUA liquid lipstick that I had picked out for if I had to wear lipstick. I don’t really like wearing lipstick often and as I was only going in to town, I wouldn’t normally have worn it. The majority of people said yes to wearing lipstick though so I wore it for the rest of the day. Again by the end of the twenty four hours, the percentage of votes for yes had increased.


Poll Number Three:

The next poll was what shirt I should wear. I had picked out two t-shirts that went with my shorts and put them in the picture. One was my wildcats t-shirt from Miss Selfridges which I bought quite recently and is in next weeks post. The other was a pink H&M top. Out of these two tops, I didn’t really mind which I wore but I would have preferred to wear the Wildcats one. About a third of people said to wear the pink top but the other two thirds said to wear to white one, which I then wore for the rest of the day.


Poll Number Four:

I put the next poll on when I got home as I wanted to take some pictures for next weeks post. I asked whether I should take the pictures outside or inside. I usually take the pictures inside but the weather was nice so I asked which you would prefer. Taking the pictures outside won by quite a bit which is what I had hoped for.


Poll Number Five:

The next poll I put on was while I was writing a new blog post. This was which colours should I paint my nails. There were two colour combinations, one was a nude colour with a silver glitter and the other was a baby pink colour with a gold glitter. I wanted the baby pink option to win as I have never done this before and do the other option quite a lot. The pink option won  by quite a bit which I was happy about until I realised the lid was stuck on the bottle. After I eventually got it off I was able to paint my nails pink and gold.


Poll Number Six:

The next poll I put on was which playlist should I listen to. The options I gave were my Soundtrack to 2018 playlist and my Top Songs from 2017. I didn’t really mind which one of these playlists were picked as I like the songs in both, the only difference is that they are the songs I have listened to most in that year. Both of these playlists are on my spotify (paigef03) if you want to listen to either of them. When I checked this poll, the 2018 playlist was slightly winning so I listened to that while I was doing my nails and homework. However by the end of the twenty four hours, the results were even.


Poll Number Seven:

The next poll I put on was asking what homework should I do. The options were my photography annotations and edits or my dance research and coursework. I didn’t really want to do either as I’d much rather have enjoyed the warm whether but I was hoping for more votes to go to photography as I am a bit more behind in that than I am in dance. The votes for both of these subjects were fairly even for quite a while but when I got round to starting, photography was winning. The votes for both also got a lot closer after I had started but then the votes for photography increased quite a bit again.


Poll Number Eight:

For the final poll, I asked which film soundtrack I should listen while I did my homework. I was tempted to put The Greatest Showman as one of the options but I decided to put High School Musical and Camp Rock as I haven’t listened to their soundtracks as recently. These were both my favourites films when I was in primary school so I thought it would be nice to listen to them. I was hoping for camp rock as I don’t think I have listened to that since I last watched it but I would have been happy with either. The votes on this poll ended up being even so I switched between the two while I was working.


Thank you for reading this post, hopefully you enjoyed it. If you wan to see anymore posts like this please let me know as it was actually really fun to do. Also thank you to everyone who voted on these polls as I wouldn’t have had a post without the votes.

Bye for now,
Paige x


Instagram: mylifemadepretty