Summer 2018 Playlist

Hi guys, Paige here. Today I thought I would share with you my Summer 2018 playlist.  This playlist is on my spotify if you want to find it so I will leave it at the end of the post. I am writing this post about four weeks before it will actually post so I may have added more songs to the actual playlist by then but I’ll try to remember to add the to the post as well. Like with all my playlist posts (2017 playlist and some of my favourite songs) , I tried to make sure the songs all weren’t by the same people but there are some clear favourites in there. Also, not all the songs I included are recent.

The Vamps:

Just My Type – The Vamps
Hair Too Long – The Vamps

Shades On – The Vamps
All Night – The Vamps

Middle Of The Night – The Vamps
Staying Up – The Vamps
Personal – The Vamps, Maggie Lindeman
I Found A Girl – The Vamps
Wake Up – The Vamps
Rest Your Love – The Vamps
Move My Way – The Vamps
Girls On TV – The Vamps
Wild Heart – The Vamps
Last Night – The Vamps
It’s A Lie – The Vamps
Hands – The Vamps, Sabrina Carpenter

Ariana Grande:

The Light Is Coming – Ariana Grande, Niki Minaj
To This – Troye Sivan, Ariana Grande
No Tears Left To Cry – Ariana Grande

Break Free – Ariana Grande

Be Alright – Ariana Grande
Touch It – Ariana Grande
Knew Better / Forever Boy – Ariana Grande
Popular Song – MIKA, Ariana Grande
Piano – Ariana Grande
Honeymoon Avenue – Ariana Grande
Tattooed Heart – Ariana Grande
Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart – Ariana Grande

Billie Eilish:

idontwannabeyouanymore – Billie Eilish
my boy – Billie Eilish
bellyache – Billie Eilish
party favour – Billie Eilish
COPYCAT – Billie Eilish


New Rules – Dua Lipa
In My Blood – Shawn Mendes
One Kiss – Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa
Mr. Brightside – The Killers
Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys
YOUTH – Troye Sivan
Uma Thurman – Fall Out Boy

New Hope Club:

Tiger Feet – New Hope Club
Fixed – New Hope Club
Fixed (Brad Simpson Remix) – New Hoped Club


Personal – HRVY
Hasta Luego – HRVY


Permanent Vacation – 5SOS
Out Space / Carry On – 5SOS
Don’t Stop – 5SOS
Social Casualty – 5SOS
Long Way Home – 5SOS


Crazy=Genius – P!ATD
I Write Sins Not Tragedies – P!ATD
Girls/Girls/Boy – P!ATD

Film Soundtracks:

Introducing Me – Nick Jonas

This is Me – Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas
This Is Me – Keala Settle
The Greatest Show – Hugh Jackman

From Now On – Hugh Jackman

Bars And Melody

Allergic To The Sun – Bars And Melody
Faded – Bars And Melody
Unconditional – Bars And Melody
Discover – Bars And Melody
Beautiful – Bars And Melody

Thanks for reading, hopefully you found some songs from this post. Let me know if you like reading these types of posts as I have done quite a few before and can continue to make them if you like them. As always, this is on my spotify, paigef03 and the playlist is called Summer 2018.

Bye for now,
Paige x


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Summer Outfit Ideas

Hi guys, Paige here. Today I decided to share with you some summery outfits that I like to wear. Some of these were also in my summer clothing haul so you may have seen them before. I am going to try to include where they were all from and the prices of as many I can remember.

Outfit Number One


For this outfit I wore my bright orange t-shirt and my dark denim shorts. The top is from River Island but I think its from the kids section. I also got this a while ago so I don’t know if they will still do it. My black shorts are from H&M and were £12.99. This outfit is really summery as obviously I am wearing shorts and the top is a bright summery colour.

Outfit Number Two


For this outfit, which I am wearing as I write this, I wore the same shorts as the last but in a light blue and my Vamps Night and Day Tour t-shirt. It looks weird in the picture but I tucked my t-shirts in because it is too big on me. I live in this t-shirt and my Diversity Genesis Tour t-shirt and tuck them into jeans as well. My shorts were from H&M and were £12.99 and my t-shirt was obviously from the concert and was £20. I think you can order these from their website though.

Outfit Number Three


My next outfit was the same black shorts from before with a pink velvet top. This outfit is really summery and the colours go well together. They are both from H&M but I can’t remember how much the top was. I got it at the end of last year so I’m not sure if they will still do it.

Outfit Number Four


My next outfit was again my black shorts but with a bright yellow t-shirt. I got this t-shirt from H&M as well and got the same in burgundy. I got this a while ago and I can’t remember the price but I have seen them in the past few months so I think they still do them. This outfit is really bright and is good for summer.

Outfit Number Five


This outfit was in my summer clothing haul but I really like it. I never really wear skirts and this is the first denim skirt I have bought. I wear it with a t-shirt tucked into it so it is more casual. My black denim skirt is from H&M and was £15 and my Wildcats t-shirt was £12 I think from Miss Selfridges. I would usually wear this with my pink suede Nikes as I think they look cute with skirts and dresses.

Outfit Number Six/Seven


These last two outfits were also in my summer clothing haul but I thought I’d include them as well. The t-shirts and shorts in these outfits are exactly the same, just the colours are different. Both outfits are really summery colours and I really like the cut of the tops. The tops were 2 for £12 from River Island and the shorts are my H&M ones.

Thank you for reading, hopefully you was able to get some inspiration from my outfits in this post. If you want to see more of these or ones in the future for different seasons, please let me know as I enjoy writing them.

Bye for now,
Paige x


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Summer Clothing Haul

Hi guys, Paige here. Welcome back to my blog. Today I thought I’d share with you some summery clothes I have bought recently. I am also going to be doing a summer outfits idea post soon which will also include some of these items. If you want to see when that post is up, I will be posting it on my Instagram which is mylifemadepretty. I will try to include where I got all of these from as well as the price if I can remember them.

Wildcats Shirt and Black Denim Skirt

The first outfit I made out of the items I bought was my black denim skirt and my wildcats t-shirt. I tucked my t-shirt into the skirt because I found this looked better as the top is quite loose fitting and slightly cropped. I also like this top with high waisted jeans. I don’t tend to wear skirts but I liked that this one was quite casual and that it was also dark. The skirts was from H&M and was £15. The t-shirt was from Miss Selfridges and I think it was £12.


Yellow Top and Black Denim Shorts

The next outfit I chose was my black denim shorts and my yellow top. Recently I have bought a lot more coloured tops than I usually would do. I like the cut of this top as it fits nicely. I put this with darker shorts so that the outfit wasn’t to bright but I think it would also look nice with high waisted jeans. The top was from River Island and was £12 for 2 I think and the shorts were from H&M and were £12.99.


Pink Top and Blue Denim Shorts

The final outfit I bought is the same as the last one, just different colours. I have the same top but in baby pink and the same shorts but in a light blue. Again the top was from River Island and was £12 for 2 and the shorts were £12.99 from H&M. I like the colour combination in this outfit and how summery the outfit looks.


Thank you for the reading this post, sorry that it is quite short. Hopefully you enjoyed it as I know I enjoy reading these types of post.

Bye for now,
Paige x


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Instagram Followers Control My Life For A Day

Hi guys, Paige here. So for today I decided to remake a post that I have seen floating around on youtube for the past few weeks. As you can see from the title, this is going to be my Instagram followers control my life for a day. If you haven’t seen any of these posts before, basically, using Instagram stories, you put up polls asking your followers which you should do for a day; for example how should I style my hair, which outfit should I wear, etc. Then you base what you do for the day of which option has the majority of votes. I’m not sure how well this will work as a blog post and not a video but please let me know if you want to see anymore and follow my Instagram (mylifemadepretty) to see future polls on my story. Also if you missed these polls, they are saved onto my account, but the results after 24 hours may be different to the results I put in this post.

Poll Number One:

For the first poll, I decided to ask my followers what I should do with my hair. I made the options straight or a messy bun. I wasn’t really too bothered on which I had to do for this one as like both of them. I left the poll until I had finished doing my make-up and then checked it. The results on this one were pretty close but straight won so I straightened my hair before I went out. After the end of the twenty four hours, the votes for straight were a lot higher.


Poll Number Two:

Whilst I was doing my hair, I added another poll to my story which was should I wear lipstick or not. In the picture was a nude MUA liquid lipstick that I had picked out for if I had to wear lipstick. I don’t really like wearing lipstick often and as I was only going in to town, I wouldn’t normally have worn it. The majority of people said yes to wearing lipstick though so I wore it for the rest of the day. Again by the end of the twenty four hours, the percentage of votes for yes had increased.


Poll Number Three:

The next poll was what shirt I should wear. I had picked out two t-shirts that went with my shorts and put them in the picture. One was my wildcats t-shirt from Miss Selfridges which I bought quite recently and is in next weeks post. The other was a pink H&M top. Out of these two tops, I didn’t really mind which I wore but I would have preferred to wear the Wildcats one. About a third of people said to wear the pink top but the other two thirds said to wear to white one, which I then wore for the rest of the day.


Poll Number Four:

I put the next poll on when I got home as I wanted to take some pictures for next weeks post. I asked whether I should take the pictures outside or inside. I usually take the pictures inside but the weather was nice so I asked which you would prefer. Taking the pictures outside won by quite a bit which is what I had hoped for.


Poll Number Five:

The next poll I put on was while I was writing a new blog post. This was which colours should I paint my nails. There were two colour combinations, one was a nude colour with a silver glitter and the other was a baby pink colour with a gold glitter. I wanted the baby pink option to win as I have never done this before and do the other option quite a lot. The pink option won  by quite a bit which I was happy about until I realised the lid was stuck on the bottle. After I eventually got it off I was able to paint my nails pink and gold.


Poll Number Six:

The next poll I put on was which playlist should I listen to. The options I gave were my Soundtrack to 2018 playlist and my Top Songs from 2017. I didn’t really mind which one of these playlists were picked as I like the songs in both, the only difference is that they are the songs I have listened to most in that year. Both of these playlists are on my spotify (paigef03) if you want to listen to either of them. When I checked this poll, the 2018 playlist was slightly winning so I listened to that while I was doing my nails and homework. However by the end of the twenty four hours, the results were even.


Poll Number Seven:

The next poll I put on was asking what homework should I do. The options were my photography annotations and edits or my dance research and coursework. I didn’t really want to do either as I’d much rather have enjoyed the warm whether but I was hoping for more votes to go to photography as I am a bit more behind in that than I am in dance. The votes for both of these subjects were fairly even for quite a while but when I got round to starting, photography was winning. The votes for both also got a lot closer after I had started but then the votes for photography increased quite a bit again.


Poll Number Eight:

For the final poll, I asked which film soundtrack I should listen while I did my homework. I was tempted to put The Greatest Showman as one of the options but I decided to put High School Musical and Camp Rock as I haven’t listened to their soundtracks as recently. These were both my favourites films when I was in primary school so I thought it would be nice to listen to them. I was hoping for camp rock as I don’t think I have listened to that since I last watched it but I would have been happy with either. The votes on this poll ended up being even so I switched between the two while I was working.


Thank you for reading this post, hopefully you enjoyed it. If you wan to see anymore posts like this please let me know as it was actually really fun to do. Also thank you to everyone who voted on these polls as I wouldn’t have had a post without the votes.

Bye for now,
Paige x


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Dance Tag

Hi guys, Paige here. So if you read my new years resolutions post, you would know that one of my goals was to blog weekly, and if you have been following my blog since, you would know that I haven’t done that for the past few months; I blame exams and coursework for this. So for this first post back I have decided to do a post I did years ago when I first started this blog, which is the dance tag. This post was deleted a while ago when I decided to restart my blog however I managed to find the questions from it. I can’t remember where I first saw this tag but I think it was the first dance post I ever posted. Thinking about it, it would have been fun to compare my answers now to my answers a few years ago but I am pretty sure some of them will be very different. If you enjoy reading dance posts please let me know as I don’t know who actually enjoys them. Also I am going to be using my Instagram more and posting polls on my story for what posts you would like to see, so if you want to see that my username is just mylifemadepretty. Sorry for the long intro.

How long have you been dancing?

This answer has definitely changed as now it has been quite a few years longer. I have been dancing for roughly eleven years as I started when I was four. I can’t remember the majority of those first few years but I know I must have fallen in love with it as I have stuck with it for so long.

What is your least favourite style of dance?

I’m not a hundred percent sure if my answer will have changed from my original as I can’t remember if I did this style at the time. The chances are that if I did then my answer would be the same. Tap is definitely my least favourite style of dance as I have never really done it properly. I didn’t start tap when I was tiny and so I have found it harder to pick up later on. I have tried to take tap lessons a couple of times but I never really enjoyed it and now don’t do it. I really like the style of tap but it isn’t something I enjoy.

Another one of my least favourite styles is commercial which wasn’t in my answer last time because I probably didn’t know what it was. Again I really like the style of commercial but I have only done it in workshops or intensives so I struggle with them and tend not to enjoy them as much as other classes.

Another style that is one of my least favourites is acro, again this is not because I don’t like the style but because I can’t do it. I did gymnastics when I was little but never stuck with it. I can do a cartwheel now and that is my limit.

What is your favourite style of dance?

This one I don’t have a definite answer for but I know last time my answer was definitely ballet. I still absolutely adore ballet as I love the technical side of dance and the pointe shoes and tutus that go hand in hand with it. Ballet is the only style I have done for the whole of the eleven years I have danced for and has been the foundations for everything else I have done. I love that the good toes, naughty toes from pre primary are still just as important now as they were then. I also really love the more contemporary and lyrical side of dance. Despite contemporary being the complete opposite of ballet, as in very untechnical and a lot about making shapes, it is one of my favourite styles. I think it has been less than two years since I started taking contemporary classes, but its definitely one of my favourite styles. I love lyrical as it is almost a mix of ballet and contemporary. That probably isn’t the real definition of it but I feel like it comes with the freedom of contemporary and the prettiness of ballet. I don’t do lyrical classes but this tends to be the style I go towards when I am choreographing of improvising.

Are you a competitive dancer?

I have only ever competed once in the time I have been dancing which was a local dance comp in the town centre where I competed with a street crew. As much as I enjoyed it, I have never done one since and now don’t even do street.

What is one dance flaw you want to change?

There is more than one thing about dance that I would like to change but I think the main one is my feet. I love it when people who don’t dance ask me what I don’t like about my dancing as they always look so confused when I say my feet. About eighteen months ago, I had sickled feet, which really didn’t help me when I was trying to improve. I have now managed to correct this but I still struggle with the flexibility in my feet. This also limits how far up onto my pointe shoes I can get which isn’t particularly fun.

Another thing I’d want to change is my middle splits and back flexibility. I have both leg over splits but still feel miles away from my middle splits. My back flexibility has also been something I have struggled with for a while. I am working on both of these, so hopefully by the end of this year I will have improved a bit.

What is your favourite dance move?

I wish I knew what I said when I originally wrote this post because when I wrote I couldn’t turn or leap to save my life. I really like leaps as I am quite a natural jumper (and actually enjoy petit allegro) so I am able to get a lot of hight on them which makes them fun. I also really like kicks because I have long legs which makes them look more impressive than they actually are.

What do you want to improve on?

My answer to this question is similar to my answer for the flaws I want to change. I want to work on my back, feet and middle split flexibility. I also want to work on my turns as on one leg I can do about four and on the other I’m lucky to get one.

Do you prefer barefoot or shoes?

It really depends on the style. Obviously, I am going to wear shoes for ballet or if I was doing street/commercial but for every thing else I usually don’t wear shoes. Some times I do wear foot undies but I don’t mind dancing barefooted and it is good practice to turn without shoes.

Do you prefer tights or no tights?

Tights in the snow, tights in 30 degree heat. I always wear tights as I am a lot more comfortable dancing in tights and I think it looks better on me. When I was younger I didn’t wear tights but then we had skirts.

What is your favourite dance wear?

I’m not sure whether this question means brand or just in general and I can’t remeber what I did last time. For brand, I really like bloch leotards as the are really pretty and I also really like my capezio leotard that I always wear. I think my pointe shoes are also bloch. In general my favourite item of dance wear is probably leotards as so many of them are so pretty and there is no such thing as too many leotards.

What dance styles do you do now?

Now I do ballet (and pointe), modern and contemporary. I also do limbering classes and am doing B-TEC dance at school. Over the elven years of dance, I have also done street and tap which I no longer do.

Is dance your favourite sport?

Favourite and only. Dance is obviously my favourite sport and it is a sport despite all the people who insist its not. I have done other sports such as rock climbing and athletics as well as that little bit of gymnastics I did when I was little, but I don’t really do any of them anymore.

Who is a dancer you look up to?

There are a lot of different dancers that I have looked up to. Michaela De Prince is definitely a dancer I look up to. This is probably one of the more recent ones but her story is so inspirational and she is a really good role model. Another dancer I look up to is Sophia Lucia. She is only a few months older than me but is such an insane dancer. Her flexibility and turns are insane and I think she is someone that a lot of younger dancers want to be like. When I was younger I also really looked up to Darcey Bussell. I also really love Diversity and have seen them twice.

What style of dance do you find the most difficult?

I have already pretty much answered this as the style I really struggle with are tap, commercial and acro. However, I don’t actually do any of these style anymore so out of the styles I do, I think the one I find the most difficult is modern as I have only recently started it again and am now trying to catch up with.

Why do you love dance?

I feel like I could talk about this forever as dance has always been such a big part of my life. I also feel like I could save it for my English spoken exam so I’ll just write a bit now. I think that dance is so important because it has given me a lot of confidence which I maybe wouldn’t have had without it. It is also an escape from school and exams where you are free to do what you want. It is a way to express yourself and tell a story and that story can be made powerful within a dance.

This post is quite a long one so thank you if you made it this far. Hopefully this post told you a little bit more about me and my journey of dancing. I think I probably wrote a lot more than last time and that my answers were probably quite a bit different. If you dance please do this tag on your own blog and let me know if you do as I would really love to read them. If you have any dance stories of your own please feel free to share them in the comments and I will look through them.

Thank you for reading,

Bye for now,
Paige x

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2018 Goals

Hi guys, Paige here. Today I decided to share with you some of my 2018 goals, seen as this is the first post of 2018. I tried to write out the goals but even after three attempts I still can’t get it to look how I want, so please excuse the weird drawings of my goals.


1) Drink More Water
This one is pretty self explanatory and a goal probably a lot of people have set for themselves.

2) Blog More Often
Last year I didn’t post any where near as much as I planned to when I restarted my blog, so this year I want to try and blog weekly. I was going to say every Saturday but I’m writing this on Sunday, so that might change.

3) Improve my Flexibility
Last year I did improve quite a bit by getting two out of three of my splits which I haven’t had before however this year I want to focus more on my feet, back and middle splits. Even though I have danced for a while I have never been really flexible so hopefully I’ll be able to change that this year.

4) Improve my Core Strength
Again like the last one this is something I need to work on, and have already started working on, to improve. If you do want to see more fitness and workout posts, as I think I deleted the old posts I had, then please let me know in the comments.

5) Read More
For the start of the year I am going to set the goal of one book in a month, which probably won’t sound a lot to some people but its a start. I want to increase this throughout the year, but for now that is my goal. Also I am currently reading Hope in a Ballet Shoe, which I got for Christmas.


Thank you for reading, I hope this gave you some ideas if you haven’t already decided on a 2018 goal.

Bye for now,
Paige x



December Favourites

Hi guys, Paige here. Today, as this is this is the last post of December and of 2017, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites from this month. Some of these are beauty products and some are music and other random things. Also if you want to see some of my favourites more regularly, I post pictures of some of them on my instagram, which is mylifemadepretty.

This month I have been listening to Christmas music but aside from that I have been listening to the new Bars and Melody album which is Covers Part ll. This is there second covers album which came out at the end of November and is mainly what I have listened to this month. My favourites out of the album are unforgettable, too good at goodbyes, and new rules, if you wanted to listen to some of them. I have also been listening to James Arthur this month but more his older songs like impossible. I also have been listening to wolves by Selena, which I know has been out for a few months, but I really like it so I’m going to include it anyway. Another song I have been loving is I Miss You by Clean Bandit and Julia Michaels.

This month, most of the films I have watched have been christmas films so that’s all I can include for in this favourites. My favourite is probably elf and then I also really like the Polar Express and Arthur Christmas.

I haven’t really worn that much make-up this month, and the make-up that I have been wearing has been simple and what I usually do so I don’t really have any new favourites to share. However I have been using a lot more lip balm as the weather has been bad. My current favourites are the Nivea hydro care lip balm which is my go to as well as a Mad Beauty lip balm from there Beauty and the Beast advent calendar. The one in the picture is the vanilla one but I also have a cherry one which is really nice.


I have quite a few body sprays but this month I have been using one from Primark. It is called Mermaid and in body spray version was only £3. It says that it smells of raspberry and passion fruit with a hint of floral, however none of those are too overpowering and it actually smells really nice. I did get this a while ago but this month it has been my go to.


Thank you for reading, I hope you all had a good Christmas as I forgot to say it at the end of my last post, and I hope all of you have a good start to 2018.

Bye for now,
Paige x