2018 Goals

Hi guys, Paige here. Today I decided to share with you some of my 2018 goals, seen as this is the first post of 2018. I tried to write out the goals but even after three attempts I still can’t get it to look how I want, so please excuse the weird drawings of my goals.


1) Drink More Water
This one is pretty self explanatory and a goal probably a lot of people have set for themselves.

2) Blog More Often
Last year I didn’t post any where near as much as I planned to when I restarted my blog, so this year I want to try and blog weekly. I was going to say every Saturday but I’m writing this on Sunday, so that might change.

3) Improve my Flexibility
Last year I did improve quite a bit by getting two out of three of my splits which I haven’t had before however this year I want to focus more on my feet, back and middle splits. Even though I have danced for a while I have never been really flexible so hopefully I’ll be able to change that this year.

4) Improve my Core Strength
Again like the last one this is something I need to work on, and have already started working on, to improve. If you do want to see more fitness and workout posts, as I think I deleted the old posts I had, then please let me know in the comments.

5) Read More
For the start of the year I am going to set the goal of one book in a month, which probably won’t sound a lot to some people but its a start. I want to increase this throughout the year, but for now that is my goal. Also I am currently reading Hope in a Ballet Shoe, which I got for Christmas.


Thank you for reading, I hope this gave you some ideas if you haven’t already decided on a 2018 goal.

Bye for now,
Paige x




December Favourites

Hi guys, Paige here. Today, as this is this is the last post of December and of 2017, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites from this month. Some of these are beauty products and some are music and other random things. Also if you want to see some of my favourites more regularly, I post pictures of some of them on my instagram, which is mylifemadepretty.

This month I have been listening to Christmas music but aside from that I have been listening to the new Bars and Melody album which is Covers Part ll. This is there second covers album which came out at the end of November and is mainly what I have listened to this month. My favourites out of the album are unforgettable, too good at goodbyes, and new rules, if you wanted to listen to some of them. I have also been listening to James Arthur this month but more his older songs like impossible. I also have been listening to wolves by Selena, which I know has been out for a few months, but I really like it so I’m going to include it anyway. Another song I have been loving is I Miss You by Clean Bandit and Julia Michaels.

This month, most of the films I have watched have been christmas films so that’s all I can include for in this favourites. My favourite is probably elf and then I also really like the Polar Express and Arthur Christmas.

I haven’t really worn that much make-up this month, and the make-up that I have been wearing has been simple and what I usually do so I don’t really have any new favourites to share. However I have been using a lot more lip balm as the weather has been bad. My current favourites are the Nivea hydro care lip balm which is my go to as well as a Mad Beauty lip balm from there Beauty and the Beast advent calendar. The one in the picture is the vanilla one but I also have a cherry one which is really nice.


I have quite a few body sprays but this month I have been using one from Primark. It is called Mermaid and in body spray version was only £3. It says that it smells of raspberry and passion fruit with a hint of floral, however none of those are too overpowering and it actually smells really nice. I did get this a while ago but this month it has been my go to.


Thank you for reading, I hope you all had a good Christmas as I forgot to say it at the end of my last post, and I hope all of you have a good start to 2018.

Bye for now,
Paige x



What I got for Christmas 2017

Hi guys, Paige here. Today I am going to be sharing with you some of the things I got for Christmas this year. I’m not really going to be putting them into a specific order but I will try to group similar presents together so it makes more sense.

One of my favourite things that I got was a Fiorelli backpack. It is small but not too small and is grey. I prefer to use backpacks than handbags so I absolutely love this. It also has inside pockets and a pocket on the back which is nice because not all backpacks do.


Another one of my favourites is the Samsung galaxy tab A. The screen on it is bigger than I expected it to be meaning its really good for watching things as well as blogging. For this I got a case which is sort of rose gold but doesn’t really look it in the picture.


This christmas I got a lot of pyjamas and cozy stuff and it is all really cute. I got a really fluffy bear onesie, which apart from the fact that it leaves fluff everywhere, I love. I also got the Beauty and the Beast bedding which I really wanted. To go with the Beauty and the Beast bedding I got a Mickey Mouse throw which is really soft and cute. I also got some elf pyjamas, which I will wear all year round,  because elf is one of my favourite films and a snoopy pyjama top.


This year I got a few perfumes and things like that and everything I got smells so nice. I got a Ted Baker set with two body sprays and a lip balm in it and I am obsessed with it. I also got some Body Shop stuff. I got the Early Harvested Raspberry shower gel, body butter and spray. The packaging is a really pretty colour and the smell is amazing. I also got a body spray and perfume of my friend which also smells really nice. I also got some clear make-up bags which are really cute but I don’t have a picture of them because the light reflected off them funny in the picture.


I was given chocolate from a few of my friends as well as my family. I was given a cadbury’s milk tray and a pack of four fererro rochers of my friend and a chocolate reindeer of another friend ,which I didn’t put in the picture because the light reflected of it weirdly. I was also given a box of Thorntons chocolate.


Off my friend I got two Beauty and the Beast tsum tsums and I got an Ariel one of my sister. I think these are really cute on my desk and it is also what I got for my sister and one of my friends.


I practically live in shorts when I can and have more pairs of shorts than jeans so I am in love with these Hollister shorts. They do look a lot nicer in person as the picture is washed out, but they are black with Hollister written on them in white.


I like Dan and Phil a lot so I had asked for the Dan and Phil 2018 calendar. I got this and it is already up waiting for January. In this picture I also have a book I was given called Hope in a Ballet Shoe. This book is based of the true story of Michela DePrince who is a professional ballerina. I have read the first few chapters and so far it is really good. I also got a H&M voucher.


I got a storage box which is actually really pretty. I don’t really know how to explain the design on it but you can see some of it in the picture. This is really good for me because my room is quite small so this will give me extra storage. I also got a notebook with a dancer on the front of it which is really pretty.


This Christmas I got a lot of dance stuff as I am doing B-Tech dance at school and my actual dance uniform is changing. I got two new black leotards, one is a Bloch one with lace at the top and the other is a Capezio one with crossing straps on the back. I probably should have took the picture of the Capezio one from the back so you could see the straps but you can sort of see them at the front. I got the new uniform for dance which includes a leotard, ballet skirt, tights and warm up tights. I also got foot undies and half sole shoes for school. I have been wanting a pair of Bloch warm up boots for a while and I got a grey pair for Christmas, which I love. They are really comfy and I can’t wait to wear them at dance. I also got a foot roller which I don’t really know how to explain but it is by the brand Bunheads.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post, as I really enjoy reading these types of posts.

Thank you for reading,

Bye for now,
Paige x

Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Nails

Hi guys, Paige here. Sorry about the lack of blogmas posts over the last week; I was struggling for ideas but I have decided to finish it of. In the new year I am going to try to post more often. Today I am going to be sharing with you three different christmas nail ideas.

1. This is what all of the designs start as and is the simplest one. For this I used the Tanya Burr cosmetics nail polish in the colour festive red on all my nails except my index, on which I used the Tanya Burr cosmetics nail polish in the colour glitter frosting.


2. The next two are pretty similar but use different colours. For this one I started of with the first picture and then used a make up sponge and the Tanya Burr nail polish in the colour glitter rain to cover the top of my nails in glitter. This polish has a mix of larger and smaller pieces of glitter so I tried to put the bigger pieces at the top and the smaller fading into the red. This is really easy but looks like it took longer than it did.


3. This last one is the one I have on now and is what I have done for my christmas nails this year. This is like the last one but I used the same polish for the the top of my nail as what is on my index finger. The glitter in this polish is all one size which I prefer and I took it a bit further down my nail. I started with my nails like the first picture and then put the gold glitter polish on the make up sponge. I dabbed this on the top of my nails and then as I did with all the other ones used a layer of top coat.


Hopefully this post was helpful, thank you for reading. I hope you all have a merry christmas.

Bye for now,
Paige x

Blogmas Day 14: Winter Essentials

Hi guys, Paige here. Today I am going to be sharing with you some random winter essentials that I haven’t shared in my other winter essentials post.

1) Fluffy Hoodie

Hoodies in general are essential in winter so it’s no surprise that my fluffy one is in this post. I have a Jack Wills hoodie and is fluffy all the way through, except from in the arms.


2) Blankets

Just like hoodies, blankets are essential in winter. I have one from Matalan, I think, but I got it a while back so I don’t know if they still do the same one.


3) Hats and Gloves

Again, it is cold in winter and so hats and gloves are essential. I have a hollister hat and superdry gloves. These look nice as well as are warm and are essential in winter.


Hopefully this post was helpful, but I am starting to struggle for ideas to finish blogmas so if you have any posts you’d like to see please comment them.

Thank you for reading,

Bye for now,
Paige x

Blogmas Day 13: Christmas Nail Polishes

Hi guys, Paige here. Today I am going to be sharing with you some christmassy coloured nail polish ideas, so if you are trying to find a christmas nail polish then you have some more options.


The first few options are the Tanya Burr polishes. I have yet to try these so I don’t know how good they are as nail polishes but the colours are really pretty and christmassy. The silver glitter is glitter rain and is more of a glittery top coat than a stand alone colour. The red one is a lot brighter in person as is the colour festive red. The gold one is my favourite out of these three and is the colour glitter frosting. I got these all in my Tanya Burr advent calendar so I’m not sure how much they are to buy separately.


Again with these one the camera didn’t do the colours justice. These are all from the brand technic and I got all these in a set as a present. I’m not sure if they are still the same price but last time I bought a single technic one it was only £1 so they are really cheap. These nail polishes dry fairly quickly and only need one or two coats. They don’t have individual colour names on them because I got them in a set but they are sold at body care. The red and purple are a lot darker in person and look more festive and the silver is metallic but also glittery in person if that is possible.

Thank you for reading, I hope this post was helpful.

Bye for now,
Paige x


Blogmas Day 12: Things to do in Winter

Hiya guys, Paige here. Today I am going to be sharing with you a few ideas of things to do in winter. Also I am about half way through blogmas now and am starting to run out of ideas so if you have posts that you’d like to see please let me know.

1) Snowball Fight/Sledging
2) Decorate for Christmas
3) Wear Christmassy Coloured Nail Polishes
4) Wear Red Lipsticks
5) Listen to Christmas Songs
6) Buy Christmas Presents
7) Drink Hot Chocolate
8) Christmas Movie Marathon
9) Take Festive Photos
10) Count Down To Christmas

First Impression Review:

On the 12th I opened the 12th door of the Tanya Burr advent calendar. In this door was what might be the prettiest nail polish colour I’ve seen.


I can’t really say much other than it is a really pretty colour and that I can’t wait to use it after I have finished school as well as that I really like the packaging of all of her products.

Thank you for reading, hopefully you got some ideas out of this.

Bye for now,
Paige x